Apresan a tres personas por presunto robo y falsificación de documentos

Three people arrested for alleged theft and forgery of documents

Mao, Valverde.- Preventive and criminal investigation members of the Northwest Regional Directorate of the National Police arrested three people, two in the province of Valverde and another in Montecristi, accused of alleged theft and forgery of public documents.

The police report indicates that those arrested on Thursday are Juan Bernardo Jiménez Veras, Wisnelis Oreluz, a Haitian national, and Ricardo Rafael Molina Pacheco36, 25 and 61 years old, respectively. Molina Pacheco s occupied six vehicle registrations and four driver’s licensesof dubious origin, during a raid on his residence located in the community of Villa Sinda in the municipality of Guayubín,

As long asJiménez Veras and Oreluz, were surprised on board a truck with several aluminum shutters, covered with a tarpaulin, reported stolen from inside a farmlocated in the municipal district of Jaibón, in the municipality of Mao, for which the driver of the vehicle who managed to escape is being actively pursued.

The uniformed said that The accused will be made available to the Public Ministry in the next few hours.in their respective territorial jurisdictions, for the corresponding legal purposes.

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