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Three people are charged with the murder of a merchant in the Obrero neighborhood

Three months after the accident in which a member of the Saxony Club suffered multiple injuries in the institution’s facilities, the affected party still has not received answers to his claim to the authorities.

The case dates back to January 26, where in the afternoon at the Saxony facilities, the club member, identified as Elías Rolón, suffered the fall of the roof infrastructure of the institution’s so-called “Golden Room”. , in the middle of a storm.

This situation caused Rolón to be hospitalized for several days in a private sanatorium. Upon being discharged, he began a long recovery process as a result of the seriousness of the injuries sustained.

Since what happened, the victim could not return to his job, losing his fixed income and other extras as a professional, for which he was forced to request a refund from the Saxony Club for the expenses incurred in the hospitalization and the beginning of the recovery . For this, he attached the invoices for the expenses of medications, cures, hospitalization and recovery.

Initially, the amount requested is G. 23,000,000, which will not cover all expenses, but will help him to continue with his recovery. Not receiving a favorable response, he was forced to include compensation for lost profits in his request.

Three people are charged with the murder of a merchant in the Obrero neighborhood

First note filed on 02/09/22. Amount requested: G. 23 million.

Initially, the Club told him that they were at his disposal and that his request was going to be put to the consideration of the Board of Directors headed by the president of the institution, Luis Rojas.

Own The president went so far as to state that Rolón’s case was already in the hands of the insurer El Comercio and that there would be no problem in complying with what was requested by the affected party, but that the partner had to send the missing documentation, since they were sent in full at the time and even under Notary Public certification.

Given the repeated requests and the lack of responses from the Saxony Club, Rolón turned to the aforementioned insurer, where at first they told him that his case was admitted by the directors only a few days ago, strikingly after President Rojas had stated to the GEN channel that “everything was on track”.

Three people are charged with the murder of a merchant in the Obrero neighborhood

Second note presented on

Currently, three months after the accident, the affected member has not received any response from the Saxony Club, nor from the insurer, while he must continue with his recovery process.

Rolón told TODAY that if there are still no answers, he will analyze the presentation of a legal action against the Club.

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