Three men die in confrontation with the Senafront in Darién

Angel Valdes | May 31, 2023

An armed confrontation in Bajo Chiquito, Darién between people who robbed immigrants and units of the National Border Service (SENAFRONT) left three of the assailants dead.

This armed confrontation took place on Sunday afternoon but it was not until today that the fact was communicated where a Senafront patrol received an alert that there were 9 people dressed in black who were stealing the belongings of migrants who were about 15 kilometers from the community of Bajo Chiquito in Darién, when they arrived at the place they were greeted with shots by the subjects, the units opened fire to repel the attack resulting in three dead people, it should be noted that the three deceased were armed.

Indications of their criminal actions were found when money, cell phones and belongings of migrants were found, the identification of the deceased is still being carried out to find out if they are nationals or foreigners.

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