Three injured and one killed from the Tren del Llano

Three injured and one killed from the Tren del Llano

Three members of the Tren del Llano criminal organization were injured and one killed during various procedures carried out by agents of the Cicpc and the Bolivarian National Guard, according to military sources.

The victim is identified as Xavier Alexander Machine Motabán (Xavier), who along with seven other subjects confronted police officers in the Tablerito sector, Pedro Zaraza municipality, Guárico, where he was killed.

In that same Guariqueño municipality, but in the El Terminal II sector, agents from the GNB Rural Command Detachment 34-1 confronted other members of the Tren del Llano, three of whom were injured: Luis Guillermo Martínez Robles, Carlos Daniel Figuera Garcia and Wilkel Alejandro Acero Martinez. In that same operation, Brayan Rafael Mania Ledezma and Rodolfo de Jesús Aray Salazar were captured, from whom they seized two .38 caliber revolvers, a 22 shotgun, twelve cartridges of various calibers and two motorcycles.

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