Three detainees expel 243 cocaine finger cots

Three subjects expelled the sum of 243 cocaine cots, according to military sources. The medical process took place in the facilities of the Central Hospital of San Cristóbal, Táchira state.

Two of those involved in these operations are identified as Deulys Alejandro Villarroel Moya and Enyerlin Hiraly Aliendres Rojas, members of the Los Caraqueños group.

These people transported intra-organically the amount of 160 cocaine cocaine, weighing two kilos 200 grams, according to a report from the Bolivarian National Guard agents.

Villarroel and Aliendres were captured by the military at the checkpoint located in Peracal (Táchira) when they were traveling on public transport from Colombia.

In a similar operation, Leonardo José Pérez was arrested in Vega de Aza (Táchira), who expelled 83 finger cots (1 kilo 200 grams) from the San Cristóbal hospital. Along with the subject, they also captured Pedro Miguel Casadiego Botellón.

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