Three deceased left a road accident in the Clarines-Boca de Uchire section

Three deceased left a road accident in the Clarines-Boca de Uchire section

Three people died and three injured was the balance of a collision of cargo vehicles, which occurred in the morning hours of this Thursday, December 22, in the sector known as Las Calcetas del Diablo, a few meters from the Juanita Mota curve, in the section Clarines-Boca de Uchire, in the jurisdiction of the Anzoátegui state of the Troncal 9 national highway.

According to reports from Civil Protection in Anzoátegui, the road incident occurred shortly after 8 in the morning, in which a white Mercedes Benz truck, license plates A611B1D, and a Jack tank with a 30,000-liter tank were involved. of water (nurse type).

The fatalities were the drivers of both units and a companion, identified as Yusleidys Ortega (22 years old). The driver of the super tanker was recognized by the authorities as Luis Rivas, but the name of the other driver is unknown.

While the injured, all with generalized trauma, were identified as Oswaldo Lara (27), Oscar Santamaría (25) and a minor under 15 years of age.

Due to the incident, Civil Protection units from the Bruzual and Capistrano municipalities, the Miranda State Fire Department, the Bolivarian National Police and the Bolivarian National Guard mobilized to the site and provided primary care to the injured, who were transferred to the Luis Razetti University Hospital. from Barcelona.

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