Three days after its start-up, the Guiteras thermoelectric plant goes out of circulation due to a breakdown

MIAMI, United States. — The Antonio Guiteras Thermoelectric Power Plant (CTE) once again left the national electrical system due to a failure in the boiler, reported today the Cuban News Agency (ACN).

A report by the official media indicates that the thermoelectric, which had been out of circulation for several monthshad problems again while it was in the testing and commissioning phase.

The engineer Rubén Campos, general director of the unitary block, told the ACN that “the departure of the CTE was estimated for after the hours of maximum demand of this day with the aim of continuing with the analysis and correction of the operation of the basic equipment, but the circumstances changed”.

The manager explained that the damaged boiler of the plant “is in the process of cooling down to later assess the magnitude of the damage and subsequently proceed with solutions.”

Prior to its exit from circulation, the CTE Antonio Guiteras was generating 200 megawatts (MW), a figure close to the maximum load of the industry, of approximately 230.

La Guiteras had rejoined the national electricity system last Saturday for a testing process that would last around 72 hours. Then, Rubén Campos declared that the assimilation parameters of the maintenance work carried out at the CTE since the end of February were being checked.

The manager had also warned that given the complexity of the work carried out, the exit of the thermoelectric plant in search of adjustments for greater reliability and efficiency in generation was not ruled out.

The Antonio Guiteras thermoelectric plant suffered numerous breakdowns throughout the past year that affected the deficit in energy generation in the country. One of its main problems were the failures in the pipes of the high-temperature superheater, which caused the machine to stop on 11 occasions.

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