Three Chocó municipalities have been affected by the 'pistol plan' against the Public Force

Three Chocó municipalities have been affected by the ‘pistol plan’ against the Public Force

Lloró, Bajo Baudó and now Istmina are the three municipalities of Chocó that have been affected by the attacks of the so-called ‘pistol plan’ with which the ‘Gulf Clan’ has allegedly been attacking members of the Police and the Army in the country.

William Darwin Halaby Palomeque, governor in charge of Chocó, pointed out that these attacks would have their origin in the fact that the Clan del Golfo would be uncomfortable “because of the message sent by the President of the Republic that he will hold talks with the ELN” and expressed how it has been affecting public order in the region.

“The different zones are being disputed over the business of illegal mining, the cultivation of coca and the trafficking of hallucinogens, in that context, today we have some alterations and all that is part of the different security councils to take action,” said the governor(s).

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Precisely this Tuesday, the departmental president held a security council in Istmina, where two grenades were recently launched, events in which two civilians were injured. Also in that municipality, over the weekend and in less than 48 hours, there were two attacks, one of which was with a grenade at the police station in an event that did not cause deaths or injuries.

Measurements for Istmina

After the extended security council convened by the Government of Chocó and the military authorities, Mayor Hever Córdoba announced the measures that were taken and reiterated to the citizens to remain calm, and provide timely information that contributes to maintaining public order there.

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“The reinforcement decision is made, both from the Police force and from the Army. We ask our community to remain calm, to have peace of mind and that we contribute to our public force with effective and timely information so that we can maintain public order in our municipality,” said the mayor.

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