They locate the gagged corpse of an octogenarian

Three adolescents arrested for the murder of an octogenarian

The Cicpc captured three minors accused of the murder committed against Concepción Rodríguez de López, 85 years old.

This event occurred in the early hours of Tuesday, April 5, when two 16-year-olds and another 17-year-old broke into Mrs. Concepción’s home located on the third transversal street of Guaicaipuro in Caracas.

Concepción knew one of the three subjects because from time to time she helped him with household matters. That’s why when she saw it she detected it and tried to oppose the criminal action. And that’s when the teenagers subdued her by placing a pillow on her face causing her to suffocate until she was killed, according to the Cicpc.

The subjects loaded with various goods and fled. A son of the lady was in the house, but he did not hear the ruckus. Neighbors informed him that they saw subjects carrying a television. That’s where she went when she checked and found the body of her mother. Concepción was a native of Spain and arrived in Venezuela at the age of 20.

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