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Threats to parents and children: the regime’s response to demonstrations in Mayabeque

Havana Cuba. — Prosecutors instructed by the Cuban regime have given talks to students at educational centers in the province of Mayabeque to explain the consequences of joining the popular protests that have taken place in recent days in that territory.

An audio you had access to CubaNet shows one of the prosecutors of the municipality of Bejucal, identified as Claudia Batista, assuring that her responsibility was to protect minors and that for this reason she had to warn them what could happen to them if they participated in demonstrations such as those that took place on October 10.

“You are minors, your legal representatives are your parents, and they can commit a crime if you are affected, or if they engage in any improper conduct,” he warned, adding: “(…) if you engage in any conduct of this type, you may to be immersed, like their parents, in a criminal process”.

The meeting took place in an educational center in Bejucal, of which no further details can be offered for fear of reprisals against parents and students. There, the prosecutor clarified that those under 16 years of age cannot be prosecuted; but they could be transferred to a conduct school, with which their studies could be cut short. She also suggested that it is best to stay calm and wait for the country to recover.

“We have to see how we are going to manifest ourselves in the places. For example, I am a prosecutor and I must maintain a position; I can give a criterion, but I have to know how to express myself because sometimes you can’t even say what you want, ”she pointed out.

After the protests that occurred in several towns in the province of Mayabeque on October 10, the authorities have chosen to threaten parents and children, among other measures applied to try to contain the demonstrations.

In the province’s schools, all school stages have cited parents to warn them that although they can demonstrate peacefully, they must do so in accordance with the provisions of the Constitution and not use violence or take minors to these activities. In addition, they must refrain from disrespecting government officials, as they could incur the crime of “Contempt.”

On the other hand, the authorities have mobilized members of the Communist Party of Cuba (PCC) to face possible demonstrations in the coming days. The directors of labor centers held meetings to demand that their workers appear in the places where the protests are intensifying. If they do not attend, their PCC card could be withdrawn.

Despite the threats, yesterday the town protested again after spending more than nine hours without electricity.

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