Threads, the social network that Meta proposes as a competition to Twitter, started with download problems

Threads, the social network that Meta proposes as a competition to Twitter, started with download problems

July 5, 2023, 10:40 PM

July 5, 2023, 10:40 PM

Threads, the social messaging network with which Meta intends to compete with Twitter, started on wednesday (07.05.2023) with download problems after the technology company led by Mark Zuckerberg brought forward its launch, initially scheduled for tomorrow.

At 23:00 GMT (01:00 CET on Thursday) the countdown for the download of Threads ended, advertised on a web page along with a QR code, although it is a market arrival with two major exceptions: The countries of the European Union do not have access nor Android phones.

Within the first few minutes of availability on the Apple App Store, many people tried to download the app without success and they went to Twitter precisely to complain about it, while others shared screenshots showing their new profiles on Threads.

Yesterday the intention of Meta -owner of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp- to launch this new social network that had been in development for some time and whose presentation appears to have been sped up in response to Twitter’s restrictions on reading daily messages and to the contents in open.

The application appears as “an Instagram app” for the “conversation” and its operation is linked to the social network of the photos, since the username is maintained, the same people can be followed and choose who can reply to the messages.

Adam Mosseri, the person in charge of Instagram, said in a first message on Threads that he already has “the doors open”, although he acknowledged that he it will take “a while to propagate“, and said he hopes it will become an “open and friendly platform.”

As he indicated to The Verge, he is available in 100 countriesexcluding the Europeans “because of the complexities with the fulfillment of some laws that will come into effect in the next year”, presumably on the competitiveness of digital companies.

Dubbed by the American media as “Twitter killer” (Twitter killer)Threads shoots the bird’s net from its very name, since that word in English means “threads” and is part of its own vocabulary, as well as sounding like “threats”.

Its interface is also very similar to that of Twitterbut simpler: messages are grouped into two tabs, one called “threads” (like Tweets) and the other “replies”, and messages can receive hearts, comments and forwards (like retweets), as well as being shared .

In this sense, the head of Instagram said in the interview that “Twitter was a pioneer of the space” but “given everything that is happening”, the company has seen “an opportunity to build something that was open and good for the community that I was already using” the social network of photos.

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