This would be the government's austerity plan to save in 2023

This would be the government’s austerity plan to save in 2023

Buckle up. This will be the motto with which the year that is about to begin will begin.

Evaluating cuts to surveillance and security contracts, increasing the requirements before being able to hire someone for the provision of services and much stricter measures in terms of state advertising are the bets of the Government of Gustavo Petro in terms of the austerity plan for 2023 .

According to the draft of a decree prepared by the Ministry of Finance, it is sought that the national Government avoid this contractual modality as much as possible and that the contracting of a plant be promoted.

This Tuesday, December 27, it was learned that the Ministry of Finance is preparing a document with which it establishes the first austerity plan of the National Government. In fact, the president himself is expected to sign the regulation that makes various adjustments, especially in terms of hiring.

The document would establish greater requirements to hire an official based on the service provision modality. Thus, for a contract of this type to be executed, it will have to be justified in detail, including the number of projects, process figures, the time for which the support of that person will be needed, the monthly management and “the reasons of the complexity of the service to contract”.

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In this order of ideas, the procedure to contract for the provision of services will be greater, since it will also include more paperwork and signatures, precisely to avoid greater use of this modality. Added to that, state entities will have to expedite the appointment of those who are contractors, such as plant officials. Specifically, the decree also states that the use of this type of contract cannot be justified in the fact that they need more personnel even when they already have vacancies for more than one semester.

In this regard, there is already a presidential order to reduce the use of contracts for the provision of services and, in general, of other activities and dependencies by at least 30% over the next year. Another provision reflected in the document has to do with the reduction of private security and surveillance contracts.

Each institution must evaluate “the feasibility of implementing technological devices such as cameras, alarms or other devices, in order to reduce spending with this type of contract.” In addition, the draft of the decree highlights that there could be an incentive for those companies that offer services focused on the use of technological security tools and not so much on linking people.

In the field of advertising, this must go through a first filter, which is that of the Administrative Department of the Presidency —Dapre— in order to avoid spending public resources on marketing items and gifts such as diaries, pens, notebooks, wells, etc.; Also with this, it is sought that all officials and contractors pay cheap air tickets, with the exception of international trips whose duration is equal to or greater than eight hours, and eliminate the payment of corporate telephones.


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