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This week they will know coercion to “La Demente” and accused in the David case

In the week that begins, the coercive measures of the cases of the beating murder of the young David de los Santos, in a detachment of the Ensanche Naco, and the “urban artist”, Steicy Peña, alias “La Demente”, accused by the Public Ministry of sexual exploitation of minors.

The measure of coercion against “La Demente” is scheduled for next Wednesday, at the Santo Domingo province prosecutor’s office, where the judges of the Permanent Attention Office must decide if the accused is related to the case involving her partner, the «urban genre interpreter», Aderly Ramírez Oviedo, alias «Rochy RD».

Against the latter, a coercive measure was issued for three months, on the charge of having had a sexual relationship with a minor, whom “La Demente” had hired for such purposes.

Meanwhile, on Friday, a measure of coercion will be known against several police officers and three civilians in relation to the death of the young man from Los Santos, who was beaten by three individuals who were detained in the Ensanche Naco detachment, in the capital. , which forced his transfer, first to a health center, and then to another, where he died.

The file presented by the Public Ministry accuses four police officers as co-authors of the murder.

The agents charged in the case are Captain Domingo Alberto Rodríguez Rodríguez, Second Lieutenant Germán García de la Cruz, Private San Manuel González García and/or Private Sari Manuel González García, and Corporal Alfonso Decena Hernández.

Meanwhile, the civilians are Santiago Mateo Victoriano, Michael Pérez Ramos and Jean Carlos Martínez Peña. a fourth, the Haitian Wistel Pieer,

He has been questioned by the prosecutors who investigated the case, since he was detained in the cell where the beating occurred.

The file does not mention the shopping mall where de los Santos was arrested without an order from a judge, after allegedly having argued with a woman, whose identity is unknown.

The 24-year-old victim lived in the Los Alcarrizos sector, west of Santo Domingo, and had graduated from physical education, according to his relatives.

According to the Haitian Pieer, de los Santos was taken in handcuffs to the Naco detachment, where he and three other people were detained.

The foreigner added to the prosecutors that the agents took the wife from de los Santos, but that when he tried to flee, they returned and put the same one on him, until they locked him in the cell.

Once there, “when the other prisoners were sleeping,” de los Santos began to yell insults, for which “three of the prisoners attacked him until he was unconscious.”

“When they dealt him the first blows, an agent came in and asked what was going on? As the aggressors said nothing, he returned to the office and they continued to beat him, until he was unconscious », the Haitian would have revealed, according to the file.

The Prosecutor’s Office did not report how Pieer, while the prisoners were asleep, became aware of the events that occurred outside the cell, when the patrol arrived at the scene with the young man in handcuffs.

This week they will learn about coercion of “La Demente” and accused in the David 2 case

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