This week new TSJE ministers could be elected

Martín Arévalo, national senator for the ANR (Colorado Party) and president of the Constitutional Affairs Commission, reported at a press conference that, tomorrow, Wednesday or Thursday, the election of ministers of the Superior Court of Electoral Justice (TSJE) could already take place. ).

Precisely, on Monday morning, said commission received the six candidates from the two lists. The objective was that the senators know them.

“We listened to the six applicants, their resumes and their job proposals, and some specific issues have been consulted. I believe that we have made available the opinion where we enable the six so that they can be chosen, ”she said.
A candidate only needs a simple majority of votes to be elected (half plus one of those present).

The legislator announced that he handles the information that this week the members of the short lists would be chosen, so he would have liked to have more time to socialize with the candidates.

“I would have liked to have more time to convene a list this Thursday and the next to the other list,” he said.

He finally said that the Upper House does not have the power to return the lists, as some legislators proposed. He also pointed out that only one member of each list can be elected.

The selection process of the applicants was questioned by two aspects. The first was the inclusion of the candidate Gustavo López Benítez, at the end of the contest, despite the fact that he no longer achieved the minimum number of points necessary for not having delivered all the required documentation in a timely manner.

The second questioned point was the integration of the shortlists, since the best scores were in the first shortlist while the worst scored in the second. In other words, the criticism was because alternate integration did not occur.

This week new TSJE ministers could be elected
Martín Arévalo, national senator for the ANR.

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