Hidroituango: more difficulties are added for its start-up

This Wednesday there will be an evacuation for the last tests of Hidroituango

The governor of Antioquia, Aníbal Gaviria, and the manager of EPM, Jorge Carrillo, informed that this Wednesday the 14th the rejection tests will be carried out at maximum power of units 1 and 2 of the Hidroituango hydroelectric plant.

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Carrillo reported that the four decrees of the municipalities (Ituango, Tarazá, Valdivia and Briceño) that must carry out the evacuation have already been signed, which enables them to carry out the simultaneous process, before carrying out this test. It is estimated that Let 7 hours be the time that the communities must evacuate.

For its part, the company will carry out the tests for each of the turbines, separately, starting at 9 in the morning and ending at 1 in the afternoon.

Carrillo asserted that this action, being ordered by decree, is mandatory and whose compliance must be monitored by local authorities. Total, there are about 5,200 inhabitants who must carry out this process.

(In addition: Plan for the navigability of the Magdalena River will be by public works).

Once this requirement is met, EPM will be able to continuously deliver energy to the system. Carrillo pointed out that after knowing the results, how to deliver this energy to the system will be evaluated. Immediately afterwards, the EPM leader expects there to be a significant impact on the price of energy on the stock market.


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