This Sunday begins a project that seeks to give 'life' to the Pirate Plane

This Sunday begins a project that seeks to give ‘life’ to the Pirate Plane

He was six years old when he first got on a plane. Until he was 12 years old, he experienced that uncomfortable journey that took him out of the hot land to settle in the cold mountains. He always went alone. And, next to him, the Benian beef to feed La Paz. Little by little, he felt that pleasure of ‘floating’ among the clouds and today, at 42 years old, he is passionate about the air. He, Tomislav Viruez Zakovic, joined ties with the Mayor’s Office of Santa Cruz de la Sierra and, together, they will launch the project ‘The Pirate Plane, the plane of the people of Santa Cruz’ this Sunday 19, at 10:00, in the square where the symbolic aircraft rests (on the first ring).

In that place, Tomislav and his sons Darko (11) and Tomislav (17), will tell Santa Cruz de la Sierra what this generous plan consists of, which aims to revitalize the Pirate Plane. With them will be the mayor of the city, Jhonny Fernández. First, the site will be cleaned. Later -from Monday the 20th- it will begin with the painting of the Super Constellation, which measures about 45 meters long by 42 wide and which on July 30 will celebrate its 61st anniversary in the eastern capital. The brushes will be in action for at least 10 days and it will be the first phase of the project; it is intended to close a part of the square to passers-by.

It won’t be the first time that the Pirate Plane’s face will be fixed, the AeroSur company did it before. But, the plan to ‘save’ the aircraft also seeks -in the future- to intervene inside to enable the cabin and turn it into a museum-library for locals and strangers. That, in a second phase. And finally, build toilets. For this Sunday the big announcement will be made and, throughout the morning, the cleaning will continue. People living on the streets, merchants and the popular tamboritas currently live in the place.

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