This is what public transport will increase in the country's cities

This is what public transport will increase in the country’s cities

The Colombian Association of Capital Cities announced that the increase in Massive Public Transport (TPM) will be 12.53%, which corresponds to the inflation data. This agreement between mayors and mayors of the main cities is considered decisive in contributing to the current economic situation in the country.

“This percentage represents an increase of less than 16% of the minimum wage for next year, announced by the National Government. We consider this decision the most consistent and fair with users, taking into account the current situation and the economic situation that the country and the region is going through, becoming a relief for the pockets of the inhabitants of our capitals,” they say in a statement.

This increase would mean that, in cities like Bogotá, the Transmilenio trunk service would go from $2,650 to $2,982 and the zone service from $2,450 to $2,756, in both cases representing an increase of more than $300, the highest recorded. It is worth clarifying that the rounded amount to pay will be set by each city.

In the case of Medellín, the increase in the rate for users of mass transport such as the Metro, Tram and Metroplús will be $300. In the case of the metropolitan area, the routes integrated to the subway will increase $375, that is, it will go from $2,580 to $2,880.

However, Asocapitales assured that they expect the National Government to honor the commitment to contribute $1.5 trillion to these systems, in order to maintain this essential service.


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