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This is the profile of the inmate pardoned by Mario Abdo

Is about Cristian David Streuli Sosa, 29 years old, as reported by the Presidency of the Republic.

In this regard, the Minister of Justice, Daniel Benítez, told Universo 970 AM of Nación Media that The pardoned young man was being held in the San Pedro prison with a 5-year sentence for aggravated robbery.

“He himself always had good conduct”, recounted the minister when asked about the profile of the pardoned.

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In the list sent by the Ministry of Justice The inmate Juan González Algarín, 32, was also present. but in the end he was not benefited from the presidential pardon.

The decree of the Executive Branch recommends to the Ministry of Justice arbitrate the necessary precautions for the purpose of implementing support and follow-up work for the beneficiary with the pardon, in order to make effective the constitutional purposes of protection of society and guarantee their readaptation.

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It should be remembered that in 2021 the figure of the Presidential Pardon was not applied due to the fact that it was not possible to draw up the list before the end of the year. There were also no pardons in 2019. While in 2020 three people deprived of liberty were benefited from pardons.

The entrance This is the profile of the inmate pardoned by Mario Abdo was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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