This is the harsh reality of the Chileans who were trapped in Argentina after the snowfall

There are thousands of tourists from Chili who week after week decide to cross into their neighboring country Argentina mediating the path of Christ the Redeemer that connects Chili with Mendoza, an Argentine province that is nearby and through which thousands of Chilean tourists enter to make their purchases in the neighboring country. Unfortunately ArgentinaDue to the high mountain weather conditions, he had to carry out a border closure and there are thousands of Chileans who have been trapped in the pass.

Being a situation absolutely involved with weather conditions, this border closure between Argentina and Chili It depends entirely on the weather improving so that the thousands of Chilean tourists who are at the Cristo Redentor pass can return to their respective homes. This yes or yes depends on the climatic improvement since the passage is extremely dangerous and for this reason it is impossible for a crossing to be carried out in these conditions.

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