This is how they located a stolen baby in the Los Mina Maternity

This is how they located a stolen baby in the Los Mina Maternity

The head prosecutor of the Santo Domingo Este and Santo Domingo Norte Prosecutor’s Office, Milciades Guzmanrevealed that the authorities managed to rescue the stolen baby in the San Lorenzo de Los Mina Maternity thanks to the confession of a person related to the defendant that he gave her and the child a place to stay at dawn on Saturday, January 21.

According to the investigations collected so far by the Prosecutor’s Office, Pamela Rosario Suarez took advantage of flaws in hospital security to steal the baby from the mother Geralis Payanopretending to be a nurse, and left the care center with the newborn in a bundle.

As it was early in the morning, he boarded a taxi and went to a sector near Sabana Perdida, in Santo Domingo Norte, to a friend’s house. The Prosecutor Guzman explained that this friend confessed that the defendant told him that The baby was given to her to take care of for two days. At dawn, the lady followed her route to her home in Villa RivaDuarte province.

After this episode, the friend found out in a TikTok post that a girl had been reported stolen and reported it to the authorities.

Guzmán indicated that this witness was also the one who revealed to the authorities where they could find the lady.

“He decided to notify the authorities when he saw a video on TikTok and saw that the girl was missing and thought it was suspicious that the woman who had never had a child showed up with a child at her house and left early,” explained.

This Tuesday morning, agents from the Central Investigation Directorate (Dicrim) of the National Police moved to a community of Villa Rivain the Duarte province, where the girl was rescued safe and sound, who at the time of the intervention was lying down and fully covered next to Rosario Suárez.

Did she act alone?

The chief prosecutor said that the couple Pamela Rosario Suarez and his mother do not seem to have ties to the kidnapping of the creature. She also pointed out to various media outlets that, according to the investigation, “we have not seen network” who is involved in the act.

Instead, he said that everything indicates that the relatives were deceived by the woman, who pretended to be pregnant. According to Guzmán, the defendant said that she “lost a pregnancy” and after this event she did not reveal the situation to her partner and preferred to pretend that she was still pregnant. “Since she is a person with a thick complexion, we can understand that that is why it was easy for her to simulate the pregnancy,” said the prosecutor.

Guzmán explained that during the interviews, Rosario Suárez’s partner revealed that they gave her 10,000 pesos for the delivery, money that the accused allegedly used to buy a nurse’s uniform to easily enter the room where Geralis Payano was with her newborn. .

measure of coercion

Until late at night on Tuesday, the Santo Domingo Este Prosecutor’s Office continued to conduct interrogations on site to finish drafting the request for a measure of coercion.

Guzmán announced that this document will be deposited with the Permanent Attention Office of this judicial unit this Wednesday and that they will request preventive detention against Rosario Suárez.

Do DNA tests

Despite the fact that the girl’s mother, Gerali Payano, recognized her and confirmed that it was her baby, the authorities of the Los Minas Maternity They carried out a DNA test to be sure that it was indeed the kidnapped minor. The results will be delivered in five days.

The minor’s paternal grandmother, Agripina Nolasco, said that they will sue the hospital authorities. In addition, she demands the dismissal of the head, Leonardo Aquino Rosario, understanding that he does not have the capacity to run the health center.

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