This is how the overtime, night and holidays remained with a minimum of 2023

This is how the overtime, night and holidays remained with a minimum of 2023

This Thursday the Government reported that it was agreed for 2023 a minimum salary of 1,160,000 pesos, plus a transport allowance of 140,606 pesos; And with the increase in wages, so does what you must be paid if you work overtime or nights.

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This means that, for next year, the minimum daily wage will be 38,666 pesos; The figure results from dividing the 1,160,000 pesos -the transport subsidy is not taken into account for this calculation- between the 48 working hours per week. In additionthe hourly wage was 4,833 pesos.

In accordance with the Labor Code, when an employee works on Sundays or holidays, they will be paid with a surcharge of 75% over the ordinary salary in proportion to the hours worked. Namely, You are paid 100 percent of what your normal hour is worth, plus an additional 75 percent.

Thus, if the minimum wage per hour is 4,833 pesos, and its 75 percent is 3,624, the value of one hour on a Sunday or holiday would be 8,457 pesos.

On the other hand, overtime has an additional surcharge of 25 percent if it is during the day, or 75 percent if it is at night. So if the overtime is worked on Sundays or holidays, what they already have their own 75 percent surchargethese surcharges add up.

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Thus, if for each hour during the week the payment is 4,833 pesos, if this is an extra hour on a Sunday or a holiday during daytime hours, 1,208 pesos would be added for the extra hour, plus 3,624 pesos for being a Sunday or a holiday, for a total of 9,665 pesos.

If the extra work is at night, 3,624 pesos are added to the hour for being on a Sunday or a holidayand another 3,624 for being at night, for a total of 12,081 pesos.


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