This is how the meeting of the agreement table of the minimum wage ended

This is how the meeting of the agreement table of the minimum wage ended

The most recent meeting of the salary agreement table in which the minimum wage for 2023 will be defined ended this Monday. At the meeting, the Government released labor market figures and other key inputs for the discussion.

(How many workers and pensioners earn the minimum wage?).

In the next session, which will take place this Tuesday, the Banco de la República and the Dane, will continue with the presentation of their reportswhich will complement those presented on this day by the Statistics Department and the Ministries of Agriculture, Commerce, Industry and Tourism and Finance and Public Credit.

At the end of the meeting, the Minister of Labor, Gloria Inés Ramírezstated that there is an environment for a concerted adjustment.

“The consensus that exists at the table is that we all have the will to agree, to dialogue and to negotiate, that is the spirit and it is maintained,” Ramirez stated.

“What we want is to protect the purchasing power of the salary, with which we have to work given the impact it has against what we decide, we are looking for a figure that allows the national majorities to dignify their living conditions”, added.

(With inflation data, the discussion of the 2023 minimum wage begins).

Likewise, he indicated that in order to protect the purchasing power of Colombians “From the government there are clear proposals such as: the deindexation of some products, subsidies for agro-inputs and fertilizers, effective transfers for the most vulnerable populations and those affected by the winter wave, among others.”

In this regard, the President of Fenalco, Jaime Alberto Cabal, highlighted the willingness of the National Government to arrange the increase that Colombians will have in the minimum wage and said: “Hopefully on December 15 we can give you good news about a new minimum wage, which reflects the recovery of the purchasing power of wages.

(The dangers of going over or under raising the minimum.)

The president of the CUT, Francisco Maltés, expressed the will to reach an agreement and include other components of economic policy that allow maintaining the purchasing power of Colombians.

Added: “We are in the construction of the figure that we will take to the agreement table for the increase and we believe that it is important to unleash other services of the minimum wage.”


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