This is how President Duque's tour goes at the World Economic Forum

This is how President Duque’s tour goes at the World Economic Forum

With an agenda focused on the fight against the climate crisis, ‘the Path to Zero’Biodivercities, digital equity and safe reactivation, The President of the Republic, Iván Duque attends the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland).

In his work agenda, the Head of State will participate in key events on the climate crisis, the development of non-conventional renewable energies, post-pandemic global challenges and the defense of democracy.

(‘Colombia arrives at Davos as one of the fastest growing economies’).

In this sense, at the Davos Congress Center, the President will participate in the meeting ‘Returning Nature to Cities’, where he will explain the concept of Biodivercities that is already advancing in Colombia, and with which the Government seeks sustainable cities, in which development is parallel to caring for the environment, making use of clean mobility, the circular economy, the increase of Collective Benefit and Interest Companies (BIC) and the pedagogy for the reduction of the individual carbon footprint.

In the same way, in the Forum Initiative Briefing BiodiverCities The book Biodiverciudades will be launched, which compiles all the policies that the Government has been implementing and the country’s challenges to face the climate crisis.

In another scenario, President Duque participates in the informal meeting of world economic leaders (Informal Gathering of World Economic Leaders – IGWEL), a scenario in which global situations such as the war in Ukraine, the covid-19 pandemic will be addressed and the effects of climate change, which have highlighted fragile food systems, global supply chains and energy networks.

Additionally, he will participate in a discussion with world representatives on the topic: ‘A new era for cybersecurity: digital resilience in disruptive times’, in which he will refer to the fact that Colombia is a pioneer in legislation on the ethics of the use of artificial intelligence, in addition to the progress that has been made in the global search for data protection and responsible use of Internet.

He will also intervene in the Latin American Panel, a space that allows opening the discussion on the defense of democracy in the region, to the extent that at a global level the affectations of the countries by the social crisis, riots, economic challenges and a backdrop of political polarization and uncertainty.

To talk about closing the digital divide, President Duque will speak at the seminar ‘Accelerating the digital transformation of Latin America’, where he will present Colombia’s progress in promoting digital innovation, entrepreneurship, digital and electronic commerce.

(Inflation, Ukraine and climate change: the Davos agenda).

in the meeting ‘Embracing the Stakeholder Paradigm in Latin America’the Colombian President will highlight the favorable conditions and institutional stability that make Colombia an attractive country for foreign direct investment and highlights the country’s potential for short, medium and long-term development.

You will also have a participation in the seminar ‘A new path for the Amazon basin’, where it will highlight the purposes, goals and achievements that have been obtained with the signing of the Leticia Pact for the protection of this environmental heritage of humanity, with a joint effort with the countries of the Amazon to fight against deforestation, irresponsible agricultural practice and drug trafficking.


In addition, President Duque held a bilateral meeting with Klaus Schwab, the founder of the World Economic Forum, with whom he spoke about the fourth industrial revolution and the developments that have taken place at the Medellin headquarters – the first in a Spanish-speaking country. , basically in the internet of things, artificial intelligence, cloud computing and blockchain, among others, as well as Colombia’s progress in the digital revolution that has it as a leader in the region.

Additionally, with Schwab, the Head of State spoke of the challenges that the country took on at COP26 in Glasgow to fight the climate crisis, in which Colombia committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 51% by 2030 , be carbon neutral by 2050, declare, this year, 30% of the continental and maritime territory as protected areas and the planting of 180 million trees.

Likewise, he spoke with Richard Gnodde, Dina Powell and Jim Esposito, among other representatives of the Goldman Sachs firm, With whom he will talk about the leading role of Colombia in the region for investment, highlighting the good legal, tax and institutional stability conditions so that more companies in the world see the country as a destination to invest.

President Duque will have a meeting with his counterpart from Costa Rica, Rodrigo Chaves Robles, with whom he will reaffirm the interest in working together on issues of Energy Transition, the Binational Cabinet, trade, security and the fight against drug trafficking.

During his working visit to Davos, The President will hold a bilateral conversation with Xavier Bettel, Prime Minister of Luxembourg, to evaluate the progress of the Agreement that dismantled double taxation between the two countries, signed last February, as well as issues such as migration, tourism and trade.

Likewise, he will dialogue with Alain Berset, Vice President of the Swiss Confederation, a key meeting, to the extent that that nation has expressed its support for the safe reactivation of Colombia, the implementation of the Temporary Protection Statute that benefits 1.8 million Venezuelan migrants who have arrived in the country as a result of the crisis in the neighboring country, and support for the Energy Transition.

With Achim Steiner, Global Director of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), the Head of State will highlight the reactivation of the country and the recovery of 90% of the jobs that were lost due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Likewise, with Maimunah Mohd Sharif, Executive Director of UN-HABITATPresident Duque will thank you for the invitation to Colombia to participate in the world meeting to be held in Katowice, Poland, in June of this year, which seeks to join the efforts of the planet in favor of sustainable development.

The Head of State will also have a meeting with the President of FIFA, Gianni Infantino, with whom he will address the importance of promoting sports training schools in the country and that they continue to be the engine of social development, sports and social transformation of Colombia.

Additionally, he spoke with Ricardo Hausmann, Founder and Director of Harvard Growth Lab, with whom he shared the good economic moment in Colombia, which in 2021 grew 10.6%, as well as the best growth of a quarter in this century, with the 8 ,5%.


In the same way, the Colombian President will hold a bilateral meeting with the CEO of Glencore, Gary Nagle, with whom he will address the urgent measures that the world has to take to face the climate crisis and the search for investments in the country for the Energy Transition. .

In fact, Nagle in the Glencore document ‘The path to net zero’, wrote that his company is committed to “reducing our total emissions (Scope 1, 2 and 3) by 15% by 2026 and 50% by 2035, both by 2019 levels. After 2035, our ambition is to achieve a total net zero emissions by 2050”, with the implementation of environmental policies.

Another key meeting of the Head of State will be with the CEO of Zipline, Keller Rinaudo, whose central axis will be health technologies, especially the automation of supply chains, so that there is universality in the provision of the service.

On his work agenda, President Duque will hold a meeting with Constance Hunter, Executive Vice President, Global Director of Strategy and ESG of American International Group, Inc. (AIG), with whom he will seek for the company to expand its investment portfolio in the sector of insurance.

In the same way, he will meet with Marcelo Claure, President and Executive Director of Claure Capital, and they will discuss the importance of investing in Colombia, to the extent that this company makes investments in public and private companies in technology, media, telecommunications, crypto, sports, real estate and other high-growth sectors.

Another key meeting for the Colombian President will be with Catherine Cunnigham, CEO of Eikosphere, with whom he will discuss Colombia’s progress in the ‘Road to Zero’ policy.

With Jay Collins, Vice President of CITI, he will talk about progress in green investments and environmental governance, aspects that have been highlighted by the regional team of this company, which strengthens its intention to invest in Colombia.

Likewise, he will hold a meeting with Scott Miller, Ambassador of the United States in Switzerland, with whom he will share the importance of continuing to strengthen ties in multiple aspects with that nation, within the framework of the 200 years of diplomatic relations that are commemorated this year, in which Colombia is sought to be the epicenter of the arrival of more companies in the country, within the framework of the Nearshoring policy promoted by President Joe Biden.

The meeting with Abdulla Bin Touq, Minister of Economy of Saudi Arabia, will seek to ratify the ties of relations between Colombia and that nation, to increase bilateral trade and cooperation work, especially in creative industries and technology.

Within President Duque’s meetings, he will meet with John Gedmark, CEO of Astranis, where the central topic will be the analysis of broadband internet satellites that are being deployed in Latin America, as well as the low-cost internet initiative; strategies that would be of great benefit to the country, within the framework of closing the digital gap led by the Government.

With the CEO of Vestas, Henrik Andersen, the Head of State will address the issue of the Energy Transition, of which Colombia is a leader in the region, and will explore increased investment in the country.

The Colombian president will meet with Michael McCaul, a US senator, with whom he will assess the state of bilateral relations, as well as the support that the US Congress has given Colombia in the fight against drug trafficking and the measures to confront the climate crisis.

Another meeting that stands out is the one he will hold with David Vélez, from Nubankto whom it will be explained that, in the midst of the pandemic, the country managed to ensure that 80% of Colombians over the age of 18 have at least one financial product, which represents an exponential leap in these services in the country .

With the Special Envoy of the Secretary General of the United Nations for the Oceans, Peter Thompson, the President of the Colombians will explain the policy of planting a million corals, the declaration this year of 30% of the national, continental and maritime territory, as protected areas, as well as the country’s commitments to face the climate crisis.

President Duque will share with Thor Bjorgolfsson, President and Founder of Novator Partners, with whom he evaluated the expansion of investments, through Wom Colombia, which will improve communications in the country with high-speed internet and achieve the goal of the National Plan for Development of having 70% of Colombians connected to quality internet.

With Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayen, President and CEO of DP World Limited, the Colombian President will explore the possibilities of increasing direct investment in the country by this company, which will guarantee better bilateral opportunities and benefits for Colombians.


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