They denounce irregularities in the study on gas self-sufficiency

This is how Irene Vélez responded to her vice minister before the controversial report

Contrary to the statements made by Vice Minister Belizza Ruiz, who said she was unaware of the report ‘Balance of hydrocarbon contracts and resources available for the Just Energy Transition’in which her name appears, and on which it would be decided not to sign more gas and oil exploration and production contracts in the country, Minister Irene Vélez stated that Ruiz was aware of this study that was being prepared and that “never gave an opinion against”.

(Minister Irene Vélez ratifies controversial report on gas resources).

“The vice minister knew that we were doing this report since October and she was in all the steering committees in which we talked about this report. She knew who was responsible, if she had something to say about the report she should have done it on time, she should have done it done, in the first place, to who is the head of this portfolio, which is me and should have done it with an opportunity and an ability to generate creative, purposeful conditions”said Minister Vélez during a press conference on Wednesday.

(Minister of Mines opens and closes the door to new oil exploration).

According to the head of the Mines and Energy portfolio, her vice minister, who resigned a few days ago but whose request has not been accepted “He never gave an opinion against it, nor about the interest in making the report, nor about the methodology, nor about who was responsible, nor did he ask to know more details about it,” added.

The Minister of Mines and Energy, Irene Vélez, assured that The vice minister continues in her duties until now and it will be the President of the Republic, Gustavo Petro, who decides whether or not to continue in office.


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