This is how Colombians can now check their credit score

This is how Colombians can now check their credit score

With the aim of providing a simple and clear tool that allows Colombians to make better financial decisions, SoyYo App began to work in the country, an application created by the three largest banks in the country such as Davivienda, Bancolombia and Banco de Bogotá that in addition to creating and validating your digital identity, will allow you to check your credit score for free, quickly and easily under the alliance with TransUnion.

To obtain this data, users will have to download the App; Enter your personal data, where an SMS validation will be carried out on the cell phone, a selfie will be requested to verify your identity, as well as a photo of your ID; and finally, once the information has been verified, which is requested to guarantee that the user is who they say they are due to information security and privacy issues, will confirm the registration to start using that Digital Identity and proceed to download your credit reports in a matter of minutes.

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“Constant monitoring of the credit score is a habit that people should do more often than they think and this service is key, as it can lead to better conditions in terms of access, interest, term and amounts when requesting a loan. credit. In addition, users will be able to learn suggestions that will allow them to improve that score.”, explained Santiago Aldana, CEO of SoyYo.

Additionally, with this digital identity provided by the App, users will be able to make secure transactions and payments; verify someone else’s identity to prevent fraud; access services and procedures from the cell phone; store private documents in one place; control with whom you share your information and manage your documents with an electronic signature.

“Currently, for different procedures, one has to go through the process with each one of the entities, handle different passwords and processes that make the situation chaotic, while security problems grow. For this, It’s me seeks that people through their cell phone can have control of their identity and of the information that allows them to verify who I am before an entity or company, with state-of-the-art technological tools, such as biometric recognition, for data protection. Making the processes simple and having encryption mechanisms”, assured Aldana.

It is worth mentioning thatif it is a natural person SoyYo does not represent any cost in the use of its services or download and within the environment of the application you can make use of different functionalities for free. However, for legal entities or SMEs, there is a voluntary cost to manage it.

For now, in less than two months of release, more than 120 thousand users are already part of the App and its creators hope that thousands more will benefit from it by the end of the year.

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