This December 16, the third phase of the City of Health is delivered

Dr. Alex González, National Executive Director of Services and Benefits of the Social Security Fund (CSS) in an interview with Radio Panama gave details of the delivery of the third phase of the City of Health that will take place this Friday, December 16 which will be attended by the President of the Republic Laurentino Cortizo.

“In this third phase, the central building that brings together all the specialized laboratories, genetics, hematology, transplantation, will also be delivered the surgical block where we have around 25 operating rooms, as well as a central block of the intensive care unit where there are more than 40 units, an industrial laundry, a cold line kitchen and the entire part of the imaging center that has high quality technology including magnetic resonance, nuclear resonance and once delivered we will be able to put the rest of the the institutes that care for patients,” said González

This project contemplates five phases, last June the first phase was delivered, while the second phase was delivered in September and now the third phase will be delivered in December, it is expected that by the month of December 2023 the entire work is delivered.

Regarding the metropolitan complex, which would be its function after the Ciudad de la Salud is in operation, González said that “We believe that the CSS complex would remain as a metropolitan general hospital and would also allow it to house a geriatric center, and the Ciudad de la Salud would definitely become the most complex public medicine hospital in the country with the highest technology with procedures such as bone marrow, liver, kidney, cornea and heart transplants. We hope that soon we will be able to start with the lung transplant”, he concluded.

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