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Third Design Biennial of Havana begins

The third Biennale of Design of Havana began its activities this Monday, after three years of waiting, according to Cuban media reports.

Directors of the National Design Office (ONDi) highlighted among the purposes of the event “to bring design practices closer to all Cubans” and “to ensure that they are present in every aspect of their homes,” review the official site Cubadebate.

The event, which will run until June 19, will go through several phases and will have Spain as the most represented country. In addition, the event will include the participation of representatives from Mexico, Nicaragua, Ecuador, Colombia and Argentina, while Sweden joins Europe “with a collective exhibition of its youngest creators in the manufacture of furniture, mostly in wood,” he says. the digital publication.

This exhibition has the support of the museum of the well-known company IKEA, famous for selling furniture to be assembled by customers themselves from instruction manuals through graphics, adds the medium.

The Biennale will especially distinguish the Spanish city of Valencia, for its status as World Design Capital 2022. In this sense, it includes a conference this week on the importance of public space as an identifying element, by the Spanish María Luisa Gallén.

As for the venues, there will be thirteen spaces in the Cuban capital, joined by others in Camagüey as a sub-venue for the event. The Habana Espacios Creativos cultural center, in Old Havana, will be the main venue for the Biennial, whose activities include exhibitions, workshops and theoretical sessions.

In addition, an exhibition of products “conceived by designer projects, which will include textiles, furniture and lighting,” will also be included. Cubadebatewhich highlights that the appointment “will jointly serve state companies, private enterprises and academic researchers.”

During the Biennial, Havana will celebrate its status as Capital City of Italian Design, with a day dedicated to the coffee industry. In this regard, the official information details that Italian creators will bring to Cuba “their conception in the manufacture of implements and machinery for coffee,” while “they will sponsor a contest for designers interested in this specialty.”

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