Considerable es el deterioro salud de Olesia Muñoz la corista de Niquinohomo, quien permanece recluida nuevamente en las celdas del régimen.

“Thin, pale, and at times disoriented,” is how relatives saw political prisoner Olesia Muñoz on her first visit

The political prisoner of Masaya, Olesia Muñoz, looks unrecognizable. Her physical appearance is unfortunate: thin, pale, aged and at times disoriented, this is how relatives who recently visited her in captivity in the women’s prison described her. «The hope».

The opponent is 52 years old and is originally from Niquinohomo. She was transferred to «The hope», where he awaits the impeachment trial against him. The showgirl from Niquinohomo Olesia Muñoz, suffered a second illegal kidnapping by the Daniel Ortega dictatorship, she was transferred to District III of the Managua Police, where she did not receive medical attention, despite the fact that she needed it.

Relatives describe that Olesia is in a delicate state of health after spending two months in inhumane conditions inside «from the dungeons» of District III of Managua. Some ailments that afflict her are diarrhea, vomiting and fungus on her feet, in addition to diabetes and possible malnutrition due to the poor diet to which she was subjected by the jailers.

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«She, from District III, came out terribly ill, because there the food they gave her was bitter beans, almost raw rice, and what we brought her from here – that diet food for diabetics – roast beef, roast chicken, vegetables, salads , fruits, cookies, oatmeal, all this was not passed to them, they (the jailers) ate it»said a relative.

Other times in the hands of the same repressor

The renowned Catholic showgirl was apprehended for the second time. The first time was in 2018, during the social protests that broke out in April and now, five years later, on April 6, at Easter, officers from the sanctioned National Police arrived at her house and kidnapped her when she was preparing to go to church.

72 hours after her arrest, one of her sisters managed to learn Olesia’s whereabouts after receiving information from the guards, however, she was not allowed to see her until she arrived at «The hope».

«She is deteriorated and very sick»relatives said.

Transfer was due to unsanitary cells but…

According to a police source, Muñoz was transferred to «The hope» due to the uncleanliness and collapse of the pipes of the hygienic services of the cells of District III of Managua, where she was being held. Apparently the heavy rains flooded the place and caused the dirt from the drains to come out of the pipes, causing the inmates to become ill due to unsanitary conditions.

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«District III was flooded with the rains and the latrines, which are holes, overflowed and all the feces swam in the dirty water; that came up to the waist»described the informant.

"Thin, pale, and at times disoriented," is how relatives saw political prisoner Olesia Muñoz on her first visit

The chorister of the Niquinohomo Catholic Church Olesia Muñoz, before being arbitrarily imprisoned.

Faced with this situation, Olesia’s feet became ill due to a fungus. According to her relatives, the opposition member began to receive the indicated treatment for her health provided by the medical personnel of the Women’s Penitentiary System, whose right was denied to her in District III of Managua, in addition to the fact that the guards refused to take her out of the unsanitary cell in which he was found.

Almost 3 months after her illegal kidnapping, Olesia was accused by the justice service of Daniel Ortega, for the alleged crimes of «treason» and «cybercrimes», together with the Nicaraguan journalist Victor Ticay, originally from Nandaime, Granada. Her relatives narrate the ordeal that the opponent lives locked up in the cells that she had already visited for the first time when she was convicted of alleged acts «terrorists» that they did not test.

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