Thieves can remove the new implementation for bikers, with a simple method

Thieves can remove the new implementation for bikers, with a simple method

To deal with insecurity in the country’s capital, the mayor Claudia López, implemented new measures for motorcyclists, which must fully comply as of this Monday, April 18, and thus avoid economic sanctions and even the immobilization of vehicles.

However, many motorcycle users, They expressed that these measures are not effective in combating crime. However, they heeded the regulations, and many of them they began to implement the design of the plates of their motorcycles in their helmetsas required by the new decree.

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But there is something that draws attention, and it is that a possible deception was discovered that criminals would do to avoid sanctions with traffic agents and it is precisely what they want to avoid from the Mayor’s Office.

And it is that according to decree 119 of 2022 the identification of motorcycle users and passengers will be imminentTherefore, they will have to wear a reflective sticker with their respective plate on their helmets. But this can be altered by thieves, using a magnet.

With this what they cause is that the decal is removable and that do not have reflective edges, which would cause a constant change so that they can execute their misdeeds. In addition to the numbers must be differential with the letters by a small hyphen that distinguishes themcase that the criminals would not use to execute their criminal acts, and thus make the constant change of helmet so as not to facilitate identification.

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It should be remembered that if you are found to be in breach of the regulations, You will have an economic sanction of 15 current minimum daily wages, which would mean that you would have to pay approximately $500,000.

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