They work on the fourth stage of the Malecón promenade

They work on the fourth stage of the Malecón promenade

The Town hall of the National District began the recovery of 3.5 kilometers of the coastline on May 30 for the “Santo Domingo Malecon Promenade, Fourth Stage”, which extends from Núñez de Cáceres avenue, near the Ciudad Ganadera, to Huáscar Tejeda street, near the Chancellery.

The aim is to give continuity to the stage from the monument to Fray Antón de Montesinos to the vicinity of Avenida 30 de Mayo carried out by the administration of the past mayor David Collado.

This work, which is projected to be carried out for a year starting this May, will have a total cost of 208,118,523.34 pesos, as projected by the authorities and the contracting company Consorcio Paseo Marítimo del Pier.

The intervened section will be completely recovered and illuminated with new technologies of intelligent and self-sufficient lighting such as solar panels, width of the sidewalks, a bicycle lane, spaces for skating, skateboards and appropriate places that allow enjoying the Caribbean Sea in a safe way.

Christian TejedaDirector of Urban Infrastructure of the Town hall of the National District, informed that people will be able to go in their vehicles and park in the parking lots that will be prepared to enjoy a cozy place as that part of the ride will be.

“We are going to create a line of benches, a green line, parallel to the road, we are going to place palm trees, sea grapes and we are going to create a constant four-meter circuit so that families can walk, we are going to place some polymer-coated posts to protect the saltpeter and we are going to create some panoramic flights”, detailed.

Three new micro parks will be implemented: La Yagua, Los Héroes and La Hispaniola, safe and illuminated places that will contain areas for children’s playgrounds, picnic and contemplation areas, readjustment of the three existing parking lots to increase the number of vehicles with their appropriate accesses , new benches, lighting and street furniture.

“In addition, the expansion of the existing storm drainage system, the creation of safe pedestrian crossings connecting the north and south sidewalks, which articulates the dynamics of its urban context, adopting a geometry that poses a spatial tension that is directed towards the landscape”, is proposed in the project.

The seven metal structures that the Ministry of Public Works built for fishermen in the past administration are working with that ministry to see how they will be restored. These structures are currently corroded by saltpeter.

None is used because the platforms are unusable, with holes and represent a danger to the users who used them to enjoy the Caribbean Sea and take pictures. The fishermen never used them and they were placed under them only to cover themselves from the sun.

For the execution of the work, the contractor company already installs a camp that will serve as an office and a warehouse for the materials that will be used on the coast, in front of the Ciudad Ganadera. Already in this section, cuts are being made in the sidewalk to widen them, build the bike lane and improve the tree planting, as well as the placement of modern lights.

According to projections, the work will make it possible to remake the Pier of Santo Domingo one of the most beautiful urban walks in the Caribbean and the place par excellence where the citizens of Santo Domingo manifest their joys, fun and recreation.

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