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They will train women in cryptocurrencies and Web3.0

Believing in the power of technology and its ability to build a better future that it includes everyone is the premise from which Mastercard starts for its alliances with other players in the world market.

On this occasion, through an agreement with The Belle Block, it will benefit five million Latin American women with education in cryptocurrencies and Web 3.0.

Investment, purchase, trade and opening of portfolios are some of the reasons why cryptocurrencies are used in the region, however, 77% of Latin American women who are familiar with cryptocurrencies agree that they would use it more if they understood it better.

“Digital assets have the power to transform the way we pay, collect and invest. Together with the cryptocurrency community, we want to make sure we bring more women and underserved people to the Web3 and cryptocurrency table,” said Janet Rivera-Hernández, Vice President of Communications for Mastercard for Latin America and the Caribbean.

Last June, Mastercard launched its New Payments Index 2022 study, a global survey of more than 35,000 consumers in 40 countries, which revealed that those already familiar with the cryptocurrency space, especially women, have an interest in expanding their knowledge.

95% of Latin American women have heard of cryptocurrency, but their current understanding of crypto and digital asset terminology is less robust than that of men.

The entrance They will train women in cryptocurrencies and Web3.0 was first published on newspaper TODAY.

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