They will screen a cycle of films for the centenary of Reinaldo Miravalles and Rosita Fornés

The Cinematheque of Cuba will screen a cycle of films to commemorate the centenary of the birth of Reinaldo Miravalles and Rosita Fornestwo relevant figures of the cinema produced on the Island.

according to a report from the Prensa Latina (PL) agency, the institution designed a selection of classic films that illustrate the versatility of the emblematic exponents of the seventh art in Cuba.

The works that will honor the talent of Miravalles will begin to be exhibited from next February 17, and among the selected ones appear The man from Maisinicú, the twelve chairs, Like Peter, like a splinter, rancher, The survivors and The birds shooting the shotgun.

Other Miravalles films were also included, such as The heart on earth, Old Havana Waltz, Mascaró, the American hunter, add the middle.

Likewise, an interview conducted by the singer-songwriter and presenter Amaury Pérez with the actor in 2013 will be screened.

After gaining wide recognition for his career on the island, Miravalles emigrated in 1994 and settled in the city of Miami. After 15 years she returned to the country, and declared then: «Let it be clear, I can live in any country in the world, but my Homeland is Cuba».

Reinaldo Miravalles. Behind, the actor Enrique Molina in the film “Esther nowhere.” Photo: File.

On the island, and together with the also prominent actor Enrique Molina, he then filmed esther nowhere, his latest film, which will also be part of the honorary exhibition. He died in Havana in 2016, at the age of 93.

For his part, Fornés’ career will be remembered with films such as the unknown mariachi (Tin-Tan in Havana), Hotel Tropical, It is exchanged, Plácido and Secondary roles.

The sample will include a selection of documentaries with the vedette as the protagonist, among them Rosita Fornes: my three livesby Luis Orlando Deulofeu, and with true loveby Jose Antonio Jimenez.

Died in Miami at the age of 97, the actress received important recognitions throughout her extensive career, such as the National Music, Theater and Television Awards for the work of her life and the Honor of Merit, awarded in Mexico.

From his filmography, other films stand out such as A dangerous adventure, Musical romance, Desire, No more women, Meat rules, From can can to mambo, Cinnamon skin, Never forget me and Today like yesterday.

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