They will review the coercion of Alexis Medina

Juan alexis medina Sánchez, the main accused by the network of corruption dismantled through the Anti Octopus Operationwill be presented today before Judge Deiby Timoteo Peguero, who will review ex officio if there are new elements that allow him to vary his preventive detention for another less severe coercion.

With alexis medina will attend an ex officio review before the Seventh Investigating Court of the National District, the accused Raphael Leonidas Oil Y Carlos Montes de Oca.

Judge Timoteo Peguero also plans to begin hearing the preliminary hearing, which has been postponed due to several incidents that occurred in previous weeks.

However, in the spirit of moving forward, the magistrate has designed a hearing schedule that was informed to the parties so that, once the preliminary hearing begins, a hearing is known every Monday and Friday until it can be concluded.

The Specialized Prosecutor’s Office for the Corruption Administrative (Pepca), accuses John alexis medina of taking advantage of the quality of the brother of then President Danilo Medina and creating an association of criminals made up of public officials and individuals to steal funds from different state institutions.

The accused

The brothers Juan Alexis and Carmen Magalys Medina Sánchez, as well as Francisco Pagán Rodríguez, former director of the Oisoe, are accused in the group; Lorenzo Wilfredo Hidalgo Núñez (Freddy), former Minister of Public Health; the former comptroller Rafael Antonio Germosén Andújar, the former president of Fonper, Fernando A. Rosa Rosa; Aquiles Alejandro Christopher Sánchez, Domingo Antonio Santiago Muñoz, Julián Esteban Suriel Suazo and José Dolores Santana Carmona.

Also Rafael Leónidas De Oleo, Lib Valenzuela Matos, Paola Mercedes Molina Suazo, Carlos Martín Montes de Oca, Víctor Matías Encarnación Montero, Francisco Ramón Brea Morel, Rigoberto Alcántara Batista and Carlos José Alarcón Veras.

Likewise, Lewyn Ariel Castillo Robles, Lina Ercilia De La Cruz Vargas, Antonio Florentino Méndez, Pachristy Emmanuel Ramírez Pacheco, José Miguel Genao Torres and María Isabel de los Milagros Torres Castellanos.

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