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They will not close Eusebio Ayala for the Three Kings operation

The Executive Power issued the decree by which the new real estate tax values ​​are set that will serve as the tax base for the determination of the real estate tax.

The adjustment made is 8.1%, both for urban and rural properties, according to Decree No. 8612/2022 of the Executive Power.

Treasury explained whate the measure is adopted based on the provisions of Law No. 5513/2015 and in accordance with the technical criteria established by the National Cadastre Service (SNC).

It is worth mentioning that the fiscal values ​​constitute the tax base for the payment of the Real Estate Tax, collected by the different Municipalities. The Real Estate Tax rate is 1% of the fiscal value of the property.

The decree states that The fiscal values ​​for the year 2023 will be adjusted by the variation of the Consumer Price Index (CPI), according to data from the Central Bank of Paraguay (BCP), which in the period of the twelve months prior to November 1, 2022 reaches 8.1%.

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Likewise, andThe Decree establishes a rearrangement of fiscal values ​​for the rural area of ​​the country, according to opportunity cost criteria established in Law No. 5513/2015.

In the case of the properties of Asunción, the unification of the values ​​for the buildings was carried out, in order to revitalize the historic center of the city, reducing and unifying construction values ​​for all properties in Zones 5 and 11 of the Capital of the Country, approved by Municipal Ordinance No. 59/2022.

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Those interested in knowing the amount of Real Estate Tax that must be paid to their Municipality, can do so through the institutional website http://www.catastro.gov.py/liquidacion_impuestos Municipalities / Real Estate Tax Settlement section, selecting the Department, the District and the nomenclature of your property, in the link: http://www.catastro.gov.py/liquidacion_impuestos .

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