They will install detectors and order the cessation of any polluting company, says Minister of the Environment (VIDEO)

They will install detectors and order the cessation of any polluting company, says Minister of the Environment (VIDEO)

The Minister of the Environment, Modesto Montoya, said from Cusco that control mechanisms are being put in place to avoid contamination in the places compromised by mining companies, so that they do not cause environmental or personal damage, and if they do so, the State will order its cessation of activities in a mandatory manner.

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This information was provided after the installation of the VI Decentralized Session of the Council of Ministers, that took the holders of the different cabinets to the Closed Coliseum of Cusco, where they met throughout the day last Friday.

“We have the Agency for Environmental Assessment and Enforcement (Oefa) that already has 27 air pollution detectors; in 2023 we will have 37 more, the idea is to put everywhere where there are polluting companies (…) we have made a commitment with the communities to install, we have in Las Bambas, in Chalhuahuacho they want one, so we will put one in”, referred.

When asked about the mining contracts and concessions, which would allow or not an order of cessation issued by the State, the head of the Environment assured that there would be no problem since they have the mechanisms to ensure that any company that pollutes the air or water must be stopped.

“It has nothing to do with contracts or concessions, by law it is not allowed that there may be concessions that are pollutingin this way air or water contamination is detected, the cessation would be ordered until its technology stops contaminating”, narrowed down

Regarding the Southern Mining Corridor, he accepted that there is contaminationbut he cited that it is not constant, but rises and falls at certain times, when they notify the mining companies to monitor their controls.


– 500 thousand dollars would cost each pollution sensorModesto Montoya says that they will try to use Peruvian technology and that they have already contacted the universities for the studies and manufacture of this kind of equipment.

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