They will cancel 7,000 passports: if yours is one of those, this is how you can 'save it'

They will cancel 7,000 passports: if yours is one of those, this is how you can ‘save it’

The passport it is an official document which is issued by the Chancellery. It is the official identification of Colombians (and of any citizen of any country) outside the country, so it has international validity.

(Know the price and how to renew the passport for children in Colombia).

Currently, 7,000 of these documents are repressedbecause the owners of the same have not gone to claim them and, due to this situation, the competent authorities made the decision to cancel them.

In this regard, Jesica Moreno, coordinator of the Foreign Ministry in Santander, assured that citizens “They do not take advantage of the special days offered by the entity to collect the document.”

(This will be the new mandatory change of the Colombian passport).

The measure would apply to passports that carry five months without being claimed. This being the case, if you issued yours in July and you have not gone for it, it is most likely that it will be cancelled.

It is worth remembering that Resolution 6888 of 2021 says that “The passport holder will have a maximum period of six months to claim it once it has been issued; In case of not claiming in this period, the document will be canceled and the applicant must process and pay for a new passport.

(USA: measures taken by the government to expedite the visa process).

If you are one of those who took out the passport 5-6 months ago and still no claimthis should be done to save it:

Go to the office where you got your passport personally.
Do biometric authenticationwhich is done by presenting your yellow citizenship card with holograms.
If you are a minor, your legal guardian You can claim the document.

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