Advierten dinero Educación es intocable

They warn money Education is untouchable

The civic movement Citizen participation declared today that it “flatly” rejects the government’s intentions to reduce more than RD$4 billion to 4% of Education to allocate it to other institutions and warned that such an action would violate the Constitution of the Republic.

Joseph Manuel Abreu, national coordinator of the entity, asked the government to allocate the funds that have not been used by the Ministry of Education to the completion of schools and the construction of daycare centers.

He considered unacceptable that it is intended to use the funds of 4% of Education for other institutions.

He said that a decision like that would be in violation of numeral 10 of article 63 of the Constitution, which establishes that under no circumstances the funds consigned for the Ministry of Education could be destined for other ministries.

“We obviously oppose this provision and we call on the central government and legislators as watchdogs of this supplementary budget to better commit to an effective and quality application of these funds destined for education and that we can have as citizens of free, quality education.

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He added that “these requirements of communities of completion of many of the schools that are pending with more than 80 percent completion and awaiting funds must be met and I understand that the funds of this should be directed to the completion of schools that are pending and the construction of children’s stays “

Abreu proposed that by next year 4 percent of education be allocated effectively to guarantee a public service of quality education, rather than to infrastructure. He regretted that no government has complied with the application of 4% of GDP.

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