They urge to start a routine prior to the start of classes

They urge to start a routine prior to the start of classes

Officially, according to the calendar of the Ministry of Education and Sciences, the return to school is scheduled for the next February 20th. The Mgtr. Ramallo suggests that mothers and fathers start a routine of reading notebooks from the previous year, for 30 to 40 minutes.

This time can be used to reinforce the subjects in which the schoolchildren could be a little weak. This also helps Refresh the memoryin such a way that when it is time to return to class they remember the contents developed and are ready to continue acquiring knowledge, in case there have been no problems with learning such as a postponement.

recommended sit with the child every day to do the special and directed activity, which requires concentration and attention from the child, which can also be reading a book. He added that this helps to make the start of classes less shocking, since usually on vacation they spend the whole day with leisure activities such as the game for hours on the screensand when they return to the classroom, they are tired of sitting for several hours in a chair and listening to the teacher.

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The Mgtr. Carmiña Ramallo commented that at the end of the school year, those responsible for the school already recommend that parents take them with them. psychopedagogues to his children. This is in the event that there has been fail or there is a learning problem.

He regretted that many times the parents wait until the last moment to go to the professionals, to whom they tell them that their son did not finish the grade, that he cannot read or write. She indicated that some warning signs to take into account are that the boys do not pay attention to the teacher, they are very distracted, among others.

The child neuropsychologist and psychopedagogue said that the psychopedagogical evaluation has a process. It is not like a medical appointment that you attend once and the diagnosis can be given, but there are several sessions, depending on the age of the child, she explained.

There is no magic recipeTherefore, he urged parents to go to professionals in time to find out whether or not there is a learning problem, to find out whether or not the child requires psychological treatment or school support. In the latter case, with the help of a private teacher, he can learn and reach a level that corresponds to the grade he is going to go to.

He stressed that the sooner a difficulty is detected, the better. In this sense, he mentioned that the factors that should attract the attention of the parents is that the child does not stay in class, does not follow the teacher’s instructions, does not want to do what he is told, these indicators can also be seen in home.

Going for a consultation with the professional also helps to know in what context the child’s behavior is occurring, which is affecting him, even a learning difficulty may be due to vision or hearing problems. For this reason, consultation with other specialists is essential.

To access the attention of a child neuropsychologist and psychopedagogue of the Department of Psychology of the Chair of Pediatrics of the FCM-UNA the child should be referred by their pediatrician. Shifts are taken in person from Monday to Friday, morning and afternoon.

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