They unveil in the Semar statue in tribute to the dog Frida

▲ The Secretary of the Navy, José Rafael Ojeda, and the National Coordinator of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez, presided over the event.Photo the day

Edward Murillo

Newspaper La Jornada
Friday, October 7, 2022, p. eleven

A bronze statue of the little dog Frida was unveiled at the main headquarters of the Secretary of the Navy (Semar), in tribute to his services and as a symbol of the link between the Navy and the citizenry, said Admiral José Rafael Ojeda Durán.

The figure shows the dog, who rescued 12 people alive throughout her career, with her goggles, harness and safety boots. It is the work of the sculptor Víctor Hugo and is made at a size slightly larger than life.

Frida turned 13 years old and has been retired since June 24, 2019.

The head of the Semar maintained that the dog symbolizes the esprit de corps, camaraderie and the union of all the elements of the Navy that participate in the Marine Plan, to help the civilian population in cases of disasters.

Frida It will continue to be a very important link between Semar and the population, added the admiral, who was accompanied by the national coordinator of Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez.

Frida Not only has it motivated us to act as women and men of the sea in our daily lives, it has also given hope to thousands of Mexican families in the most pressing moments. Serve this space to honor the life of Frida, but also as a reminder of what it has symbolized for us. She makes us endorse the esprit de corps, the camaraderie and the union that allows beings like us, with all our steps and our resources, to support Mexican society,” said Ojeda.

The statue of Frida it was placed on the esplanade between Gate 4 and the main building of Semar.

On the pedestal that supports it, a legend was placed that reads: “In tribute to the extraordinary work you had as a member of our noble institution. In gratitude for the affection and love that you continue to sow in our Great Naval Family, in millions of Mexican men and women, and beyond our borders. Your life motivates us to continue giving everything to serve Mexico. Thank you dear Frida!”

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