They turn the Senate into a pre-election arena and affect the work of the Permanent Commission

They turn the Senate into a pre-election arena and affect the work of the Permanent Commission

▲ Debates and lawsuits in sessions of the Permanent for the June 5 elections in six states.Photo Cristina Rodriguez

Andrea Becerril

Newspaper La Jornada
Saturday May 28, 2022, p. 4

In recent weeks, the Congress of the Union has become an arena of struggle for the political parties around the electoral processes that will take place on June 5 in six states of the Republic, and even the Morena candidates for the governorships of Tamaulipas and Aguascalientes, Américo Villarreal and Nora Ruvalcaba, respectively, offered conferences in the Senate, which led to protests and denunciations from the opposition.

Legislative work took a backseat and what has dominated is the confrontation between Morena and the PAN-PRI-PRD bloc, with mutual accusations of violence and the presence of drug traffickers in the elections.

Villarreal met last Monday with some thirty senators from Morena, and together with the president of his party, Mario Delgado, later gave a conference to denounce that Governor Francisco García Cabeza de Vaca has risen to the electoral contest and organizes a state election, to threaten and intimidate morenista leaders and militants.

The PAN immediately protested and accused Delgado and Morena’s coordinator, Ricardo Monreal, of having organized a rally for Villarreal inside the legislative chamber. They even brought him cake, they celebrated his birthday and cheered him oncommented the coordinator of the PAN senators, Julen Rementería, who went from anger to indignation two days later, when Ruvalcaba was also in the Patio del Federalismo.

Delgado called her the next governor of Aguascalientes and both denounced that the PAN government of that entity established a climate of violence and persecution against brigadistas and supporters of Morena.

Shortly after, senators and deputies of the blue and whitewho had previously met with Governor García Cabeza de Vaca, offered another press conference to announce that they would file complaints against Morena before the electoral authority, for having organized campaign rallies at the Senate, which is also the seat of Congress. because that’s where the Permanent meets.

Such statement was rejected by Ricardo Monreal. never called to votesaid.

The discussion moved to the session of the Permanent Commission, where morenistas and opponents, as they had done in the previous session, crossed accusations and disqualifications for the elections.

The coordinator Rementería accused the candidate Villarreal and his family of having ties to organized crime that finances his campaign. The one who is linked to drug traffickers is the governor of Tamaulipas, warned Senator Lucía Meza, from Morena.

A week earlier, the PRI deputy and national leader of that party, Alejandro Moreno Cárdenas, better known as wingin that same venue, he set up a conference to announce that he will present formal complaints before the electoral and even international authorities, against President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, for his open interference in political campaigns.

The fact is that almost a month after its installation, the work accumulates in the Permanent, where most of the session time is spent in debates and lawsuits for the next elections.

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