DNCD agents guard the 1,129 packets of cocaine seized at the port of Caucedo on Sunday.

They try to specify where they shipped 1,129 packages of cocaine

SMALL MOUTH. Dominican authorities are trying to determine if the 1,129 packets of cocaine seized Saturday in a container at the port of Caucedo were introduced into the country or shipped from another nation.

“This is a case of 33 packages introduced in a container, which requires a careful and thorough investigation to determine if the drug was here or if it arrived at the port from South America,” said officials involved in the investigations.

The stash of 1,100 pounds of cocaine was found in one of the containers during an inspection by the National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) in the Caucedo Multimodal Port.

They try to specify where they shipped 1,129 packets of cocaine 2

The investigations into the shipment, whose street value was estimated at 70 million dollars (4 billion Dominican pesos), are being led by the Public Ministry with the collaboration of the DNCD and the intelligence agencies of the Armed Forces.

The agencies have been working since yesterday in search of determining the origin of the cocaine stash.

“We have first centralized the investigations to determine if that drug was here or if it came to the country from South America, because it is not a simple case, but a considerable magnitude,” said the investigators.

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They said that once it is determined if the drug came from a South American nation, the national authorities will even request the help of that country, to reach a conclusion of the extensive investigations that are being carried out at this time.

For the discovery of the 33 packages containing the 1,129 packages of cocaine equivalent to one ton, the DNCD agents and the support agencies together with the Public Ministry, used a sophisticated X-ray system and several canine units.

It was said that the container containing the multimillion-dollar drug shipment was destined for the Port of Rotterdam, in the Netherlands (Holland) and the packages were camouflaged with men’s and women’s shoes, with the aim of confusing the authorities.

It transpired that in relation to the case, there are no people detained and under investigation, but it was said that once the case is duly clarified, all the details will be made known to the country by the DNCD and the Public Ministry.

“This is the most complex case that we have handled in the DNCD, but with the grace of God, the help of the agencies, the Public Ministry and the experience of our officers, we will find a solution,” said investigators.

So far this year 2022, the blows that the DNCD has given to international drug traffickers have been forceful, seizing more than seven tons of cocaine, dismantling powerful groups of drug traffickers and confiscating goods and properties for tens of millions of pesos and dollars. .

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