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They train electoral officials for the dissemination of electronic voting

Enrique López Arce, Director of Employment of the ANR, reported the notable increase in hiring in the public sector, in the middle of the electoral stage. In just the months of April, May and June, the Government of Mario Abdo Benítez brought in more than 66 thousand new civil servants.

In an interview with the radio Universo / Nación Media, the employment specialist indicated that although there is an increase in the number of people who have a job, as celebrated by the National Government, in reality the increase in employment occurred in the public sector , mostly.

“There is nothing to be happy about, because the increase in employment occurred in the public sector and we are concerned that these hirings take place in an election year. It blew up public sector hiring in a political year,” he said.

He underscored that between the months of April and June there were 345,200 public officials to 411,588, which indicates that there were 66,388 new hires in just three months. That is, 22,000 contracts were given per month, 5,500 per week. “It’s high, crazy,” he said.

In contrast, in that period, 26,000 new jobs were created by the private sector, mainly in the primary sector. “We have 17,000 fewer companies and that hurts. That is replicated in the families’ money,” he added.

That is why the situation in the public sector is worrying, where contracts were made outside of competitions, according to the interviewee. “We are sure that this did not happen through Public Contracting, surely everything via exception or HR consultants, which is what they use to surpass Contracting, they hire these consultants and it is this that pays the official, but following the instructions of the public entity”, he launched.

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