Public Health maintains permanent surveillance in La Zurza to detect new cases of cholera.

They track cases of cholera in La Zurza

The Minister of Public Health, Daniel Rivera, assured today that they remain active in tracking possible suspected cases of cholera in the La Zurza sector, a neighborhood that has been intervened after the detection of 10 infections of this disease, two of them reported in the last 24 hours.

He explained that in that neighborhood they have deployed all the necessary resources to continue the deep search that is carried out in house-to-house campaigns and active epidemiological surveillance in hospitals, as well as cleaning.

He indicated that the two new patients correspond to two women aged 33 and 44, who have been given timely medical attention and are already in their homes receiving follow-up since they do not present serious complications.

Public Health maintains permanent surveillance in La Zurza to detect new cases of cholera.

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He said that of the 13 suspected cases that were being evaluated, only two were positive for cholera and added to the previous eight detected in La Zurza and two imported, there are 10 confirmed cases in the country.

He insisted that it is necessary to maintain hygiene in the home and other spaces to avoid both cholera and other gastrointestinal diseases.

“Hygiene is everything, good food management and personal care significantly help to avoid gastrointestinal infections, giving each food the correct cooking, avoiding eating some raw, and maintaining control, using chlorinated drinking water, this avoids complications,” stressed.


Dr. Bernandino Vitoy, representative of the Pan American Organization of the Health PAHO/WHO expressed that “very soon a considerable amount of cholera vaccines will arrive in the Dominican Republic, especially for this sector, because it is very urgent to work mainly with the most vulnerable areas.”

He pointed out “due to the situation that the country is facing as a result of the cholera outbreak, a batch of vaccines is being managed to immunize vulnerable populations where the disease has been detected and thus prevent its spread, stressing that the health authorities have adequately managed the sick that has arisen».

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