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They took US$ 6 million and left a landfill at the Troche plant

10 months after the contract was signed, the construction of the new grinding train at the Petropar alcohol plant in Mauricio José Troche (Guairá) should have been completed, but they hardly did any earthwork and paid G. 41,652 million, equivalent to US$ 6 millions.

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The promise of the new grinding train which was awarded in December 2021 who until a week ago was still president of Petropar, Denis Lichi, translated into a nail for the state company and for the thousands of sugarcane growers who hoped to have a modern plant of grinding that devours its production.

According to the deal, the term of delivery of the work was of 12 months; “including all the tests, having satisfied all the indicated requirements”, but two months after the expiration of the time contemplated in the document, not a single material has been placed in the place.

Lichi had benefited from the contract worth G. 195,299 million, about US$ 28.7 million to the company Structure Engineering SA (EISA), fSignature attributed to Mr. Alberto Palumbo, a friend of the Vice President of the Republic, Hugo Velázquez, in times when he was in a strong campaign as a candidate for the Presidency of the Republic for 2023. The award was highly questioned because its cost is 6 times more expensive than infrastructures of the same type erected in the Brazilian market.

The millionaire contract contemplates a juicy advance equivalent to 20% of the total amount of the agreementwhich was disbursed quickly without any major advances being seen in return.

lychee accelerated the payment and in February 2022 the payment of G. 36,757 million was registered, that added to another disbursement last August, transferred G. 41,652 million in favor of the friendly supplier and with this fortune the most they did is the landfilling that even still borders puddle areas.

“They made a landfill, US$ 6 million were taken by those people and only a beautiful landfill remained that is used as a parking lot today,” said the president of the sugarcane growers, Edgar Ortiz.

The union met last Friday with the authorities of Petropar, the new president of the state oil company, Pedro Roman, who He did not know how to confirm when the work will really start.

“This time we met Route PY-02, at the San Pedro intersection, we met with the current president and his entourage. They said that it was the problem of the Lichi administration, that the call was made, the contract was awarded and the contract was signed,” Ortiz said when asked about the responses obtained by the producers.

The trade unionist lamented the situation and said: “This is going to lead again to the liquidation of small producers because we cannot sell our production. The current factory is obsolete, it can no longer acquire our production”.

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