They throw waste and chase Dina Boluarte's vehicle in Cusco (VIDEOS)

They throw waste and chase Dina Boluarte’s vehicle in Cusco (VIDEOS)

On the morning of last Friday, the President of the Republic, Dina Boluarte, arrived in the city of Cusco in order to hold dialogue with some sector of the population and authorities, after which she participated in a press conference organized by the National Confederation of Radio and Television – CNRTV.

While the national president gave statements at the facilities of the Regional Government of Cusco, a group of protesters came to the vicinity of this entity, being prevented from passing by police officers.

Thus, the demonstrators could not get close to the door of the regional government, but they waited for the departure of Boluarte Zegarra until after noon.

Banners in hand and with black crosses made of cardboard, the cusqueños chased the truck with tinted windows who was carrying the president, at one point they almost interrupted her passage, a police cordon was necessary to keep the complainers away.


In the midst of the tumult, the demonstrators they threw waste at the official vehicle that was carrying Dina Boluarte back to the Alejandro Velasco airport in Cusco and they hurled all sorts of epithets at him.

In her participation, the President of the Republic mentioned that the claims of Peruvians who demand new elections, the closure of Congress and a new Constitution, have no basis, since she already called for early elections and the other issues are not resolved from the Government Palace.

Finally, he mentioned that he will not resign from the presidency of the Republic, as the strikers demand, Otherwise, the President of Congress would have to assume the Government, and, according to her, that would not “calm the spirits” of the population, but rather exacerbate them.

* Photo/courtesy: F.Tapia.

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