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They throw a dog from the fourth floor of a university scholarship in Villa Clara

MIAMI, United States. — A case of animal abuse was recorded at the Villa Clara University of Medical Sciences when a cleaning worker threw a dog that was in the scholarship corresponding to that higher education center from a fourth floor.

The complaint was made in social networks by the Cuban animal activist Javier Larrea and was shared by different groups of animal protectors.

“We need to put the matter in the media, on the networks, because it is good that this continues to happen. There is a limit, ”said the complainant.

Larrea indicated that the event occurred in view of at least 20 students from the student residence.

Reports appearing on Twitter show that it is not the first time that the facility’s cleaning lady has committed acts of animal abuse.

“It is not the first time that this lady has committed these acts. On several occasions, she has thrown little animals from the same floor (small kittens), spits on them, kicks them, throws their food and other physical abuse, “said a user on that social network.


The complainants pointed out that the concierge came to refer to the mistreated animal as “the flying dog.”

“It is time for all animal lovers to unite, because we are in a critical situation regarding this issue,” Larrea declared regarding the Decree-Law No. 31 “On animal welfare” approved in February 2021.

According to the island’s authorities, the regulations constituted a step forward in the effort to protect animals, and which regulated “the principles, duties, rules and purposes regarding the care, health and use of animals to guarantee their wellness”. However, groups of animal rights activists have reported numerous cases of animal abuse in Cuba in which some of those responsible have not even been fined.

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