They take it for granted "crime plan": They maintain that Uliarte bought the weapon in April

They take it for granted "crime plan": They maintain that Uliarte bought the weapon in April

Uliarte to Díaz: “I go with the iron and shoot Cristina. They give me the ovaries to do it. The issue is how, because the old woman has security.”

Justice gave this Thursday as proven that the attempted murder of the vice president Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner It was the “final chapter” of a “criminal plan” that the detainees Brenda Uliarte and Fernando Sabag Montiel planned together and that the young woman was the buyer of the Bersa pistol used in the act.

“The events of September 1 were the final chapter of the criminal plan that the two detainees had previously agreed upon, designed and studied,” federal judge María Eugenia Capuchetti concluded, in the resolution in which she prosecuted this Thursday with preventive detention to both as co-authors of attempted qualified homicideaccording to the text to which Télam had access.

In a section of the processing entitled “The Crafted Criminal Plan” by Sabag Montiel and Uliarte, the magistrate considered everything that had happened reconstructed thanks to the analysis carried out by the Airport Security Police (PSA) of the information contained in the cell phones seized from both defendants.

gun purchase

According to this reconstruction, It all started on April 22 lastwhen Brenda Uliarte would have acquired the semi-automatic pistol, “single action, caliber 32 auto, Bersa brand, model Lusber 84″a, model Lusber 84, numbered ‘25037’ on the left side of the barrel, later used to commit the fact investigated”.

On the appointed day, Uliarte told a contact identified as “Serena” that he had purchased a firearm.

“If I have an iron I buy it because my ex is boss,” he wrote to that contact, according to the message recovered from his cell phone by the PSA. That same day she told another scheduled contact, “Fran: don’t worry, nothing is going to happen… the iron is mine”

The July 4th communicated with the contact “Love of my life”, who turned out to be Agustina Diazthe third arrested in the case and whose procedural situation is still pending resolution.

“I go with the iron and I shoot Cristina… they give me the ovaries to do it… the issue is how, because the old woman has security”he wrote to her.

“This circumstance highlights that, by that time, Uliarte had already made the decision to attempt against the life of the Vice President, Cristina Elisabet Fernández de Kirchner, thus initiating the course of the plan which only had to define the circumstances of manner, time and place of his execution,” determined the judge.

days before the attack

The second part of the plan “occurred later based on the intelligence that both she and Sabag Montiel carried out in the days prior to the attack”

Numerous photographs of Uliarte handling the same pistol that was seized at the scene on September 1, after being triggered by Sabag Montiel, were included in the processing.

Before the attack, on August 23, both detainees “had a conversation, in the context of which Sabag Montiel told him: “Another thing, the guy from the Recoleta rental answered me for Saturday, we have to see him and he says he doesn’t have… Eh… I don’t know, he has to coordinate several interviews and that they leave him a deposit, you know, so I told him we were going to have money to leave a sign”.

“On that occasion, Uliarte replies: “Don’t you like the apartment?”to which Sabag Montiel responds “I don’t like the apartment, I do like the hair. Cristina and the people are gathered in Recoleta. To hit her with a corchazo”.

Uliarte responded by sending an audio: “No love, we work this week and on Saturday we go and leave him a sign, that’s it…Stop that apartment in Recoleta love, if you saw where Cristina lives you understand, Cristina lives in Recoleta, we are re near the mine. We can make it posh, eh…Yes, we have to go and hit it with a corchazo. Do you know what is needed? A sniper, you saw that the mine is placed on the balcony, it is necessary there and wow, a shot in the head, fuck it…”.

Whatsapp from August 27

In the reconstruction of what happened, it was determined that “Already close to the culmination of the plan”there was a communication August 27th between both detainees through WhatsApp with the following dialogue:

-Sabag Montiel: “No, he already… he got inside and the stage and the amphitheater took him out, and he was… I touched Axel Kicillof’s back and he got into a Toyota Etios eh and he left, a mess, and she’s stuck up there, but I don’t think it will come out so it’s already gone, leave, I’m going there, don’t bring anything”.

-Uliarte: “I’m coming home.”

-Sabag Montiel: “Damn you come…He’s not going to come out…He’s already gone inside.”

For the judge in the case, from the analysis of these and other conversations incorporated into the case “It is evident the existence of a plan to execute the act in which different alternatives were exchanged, evaluating the possibility of each one of them and the one that best ensures the result, taking into account the movements of the victim and everything related to his custody.“.

For the judge, Sabag Montiel and Uliarte planned the event equally in relation to “mode, time and place of execution” that was “previously established by them.”

“Although it was Sabag Montiel who used the firearm against the victim, the truth is that Uliarte also had an active participation in the execution of the act, in which he was present a few meters from what happened, providing logistical and moral support to its realization”concluded

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