Sugieren el veto en CNSS solo sea del Presidente

They suggest the veto in the CNSS is only for the President

The president of the National Association of Clinics and Private Hospitals (Andeclip), Raphael Menasuggested a reform to the Social Security law that remove veto power to each one of the sectors that participate in the National Council of Social Security and that this faculty is only reserved to the Republic President.

He said that the veto has become a role paralyzing factor that the CNSS must play, because every time a measure is going to be taken that affects one of the sectors that participate in the Council, it vetoes it, regardless of whether it is beneficial for the social Security.

Likewise, the president of Andeclip suggested that the president of the CNSS be the Minister of Public Health, due to the first order that he plays in public health policies, Not the Minister of Labour.

Opinions in the country are divided regarding the proposal to eliminate the veto power of the sectors that participate in the CNSS, because while the industrial sector and trade unionists defend it, the health sector and representatives of the commercial sector object.

He has written on the subject Arismendy Diaz Santanaa specialist on the subject and for whom “the interest of the large financial and business groups in reducing social security to a “more business opportunity”has resulted in the monolithic vote of its three representatives, a monopolistic practice that invalidates democratic competition.

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“No one ignores the widespread perception that the CNSS is hijacked by the inappropriate handling of the right to veto. The vast majority demand its elimination, because it has never been used to benefit affiliates, but rather to commercialize social protection”, Arismendy Díaz Santana has stated.

However, it states that, aware of the resistance to eliminate the veto, favors its regulation, as the most acceptable formula by the three sectors involved.

“Only one paragraph should be added to the article 24 of Law 87-01to limit its paralyzing impact, strengthen the functioning of the CNSS”, says the expert.

Among the functions of the CNSS is that of establishing social security policies aimed at comprehensive protection and the general well-being of the population, especially at raising the levels of equity, solidarity and participation; to the reduction of poverty, the promotion of women, the protection of children and old age, and the preservation of the environment.

Also, provide, in accordance with Law 87-01, the necessary studies to extend the protection of social security to sectors of the population.

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