They steal $3,060 and a fake motorcycle for sale by Marketplace

They stole cars for sale through the Marketplace platform

The Coordination of Investigations of Robbery and Theft of Vehicles of Maturín, arrested two men for theft of vehicles, in the Centro sector, Alto de los Godos parish, Monagas state, as reported by Douglas Rico through the social network instagram.

After carrying out the investigations and carrying out various investigations, it was possible to determine that Francisco Javier Parejo (37), nicknamed Franco, Pedro José Parejo (66), and Jesús Luis Parejo alias Nito (40) still to be arrested; They recruited the victims through the Marketplace platform, expressing their interest in acquiring a vehicle.

After the contact, they proceeded to specify a place of negotiation, these skillfully convinced people to get out of the vehicle with the excuse of checking the operation of the vehicles and carrying out a mechanical inspection, a moment that the criminals took advantage of to board the vehicles and in the same run away from the site quickly.

When the criminals were arrested by Cicpc officials, a Bera brand motorcycle, Merú model, license plate AE5G56K, and an Alcatel model 1 cell phone were recovered as evidence.

Francisco and Pedro Parejo remained at the order of the Fifth Prosecutor’s Office of the Public Ministry in Monagas, while Jesús Parejo is being sought by officials.

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