Woman thrown from second floor dies

They stole a lot of gold and killed a soldier

A deceased soldier and another wounded is the initial result of an attack perpetrated by a criminal group between Tumeremo and El Callao, Bolívar, according to military sources.

The attack occurred last Friday when armed individuals fired on a vehicle of the Venezuelan Mining Corporation from which they stole an imprecise lot of gold corresponding to the collection of the southern areas of Bolívar.

Captain Ronald Galíndez and First Lieutenant Franklin Bustamante, both on active reserve, were wounded in the attack.

Bustamente died last Saturday in a health center located in Tumeremo (Bolívar). He was the head of the Kilometer 27 Mining Sector and was shot that affected his right kidney, right lung and liver, according to the report.

While Captain Galíndez, head of the km 88 mining sector, presented a gunshot wound to his right foot, security agencies are conducting a search to find the perpetrators of the attack.

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